The CISS teaching staff will be recruited worldwide. CISS will only hire qualified/certified teachers with a number of years of experience. One Academic Principal, and three Vice Principals will lead the Academic faculty. One Vice-Principal responsible for Montessori Kindergarten, one responsible for the Elementary Program, and one responsible for the Middle/High School Program. CISS has also begun the process for applying to offer the IB Curriculum, so an IB coordinator will also be hired to implement the three levels of IB that we will offer.


English will be used as the teaching language, but a mandatory Chinese Language Program will also be delivered to all students studying at CISS. Only certified CSL teachers will be hired for the delivery of the Chinese Program.

Academic support staff will be hired both internationally and locally with English proficiency.

Montessori education is a complex philosophy involving psychology, educational theory, and instructional materials. The method of teaching aims for the fullest development of the whole child, ultimately preparing the child for life's many experiences. Our primary goal is to cultivate a child's desire and joy to learn.

CISS Montessori Kindergarten serves children from 18 months to 6 years , using the Montessori philosophy is based on a profound respect for each child as a unique human being and curriculum of Dr. Maria Montessori whose scientific observations have resulted in her educational approach. The school's peaceful and non-competitive atmosphere promotes strong moral character and human values. CIS created a prepared environment which includes the trained AMI teacher, child size furniture, aesthetically pleasing and scientifically accurate didactic material.

Montessori Primary Education:

Montessori created the primary curriculum for children 3 to 6 years of age after many years of scientific observation and work with children. As children have a natural attraction to beauty and an inner urge for practical knowledge, our beautiful, child-size, tailor-made classrooms will give the child great joy in learning and discovery.

There are four general curriculum areas in the Prepared Environment for the child to explore daily:

Practical Life: the skills of daily living-Adaptation to the Environment; acquisition of coordinated movement; development of the Will, and independence

Sensorial area: exploring the world with all the senses

Language Area: spoken and written language, reading, also including Zoology, Botany, Geography and Art

Mathematics area: starting with the sensorial exploration as a concrete experience, and materializing the abstractions.

Everything is presented gradually to the children who progress at their own pace according to their needs and when they are developmentally ready.

Our teachers work with the children as individuals and each Montessori curriculum monitors each child's progress.

In the multi-age setting, the children learn from each other. Students can enjoy and learn to prepare the variety of food from East to West. There are daily outdoor activities and other programs such as music, art, cooking, gardening and social service.